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Quality and Continuous Improvement is the theme of all quality certification and accreditation agencies . Quality should be the priority for both education and industry. ISTEC promotes the implementation of an institutional culture of continuous improvement and development of processes to support universities to be more competitive and more and able to deliver quality graduates to a global knowledge-based society.

Certification and consulting options:


Encourage the promotion and implementation of international quality standards in higher education, and scientific and technological development through the creation of tools, strategies, and interdisciplinary approaches that deliver services to meet the needs of Latin American higher education.


  • Facilitate the development of a culture of quality, continuous improvement and internationalization for all member institutions, as well as non-members of ISTEC
  • Provide a model of quality and continuous improvement in higher education institutions as a way to ensure competitiveness and the adoption of humanistic values in a global context
  • Enhance professional mobility for graduates of Latin America, so they can compete internationally
  • Collaborate in the processes of student and faculty mobility of higher education institutions, so that they can access the benefits of an international culture
  • Increase attracting international students to the region by ensuring a supply of high quality, competitively priced educational programs 

The ISTEC-Quality™ seal promotes a quality culture through assessment processes,  certification programs, consulting, and training  that support teaching, research and development, and technology transfer processes.

Our services are international and interdisciplinary and we have the capacity to support various disciplines: engineering, humanities, health and social sciences, business, law, etc.

For more information on how your institution can participate in ISTEC-™Quality, please write to us at