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Hemispheric Initiative: Engineering for the Americas (EftA)

The creation of EftA was an outcome of a Motorola-ISTEC IT Challenge co-sponsored conference: Ibero-American Summit on Engineering Education, March 24-27, 2003. EftA’s purpose is to promote economic and social development through quality engineering education for innovation and hemispheric collaboration in job creation.

This grass-root movement was approved by the highest authorities in Science and Technology of the Hemisphere in the Lima Declaration. In their Action Plan, Ministers committed their countries to the path of developing human capital in the areas of engineering and technology as key ingredients to joining the global economy and future economic success. Heads of State reinforced this commitment in the most recent Summit of the Americas held in Mar del Plata in November 2005.

From a national to a global vision

EftA proposes a change of paradigm, wherein engineering provides a basis for broad, sustainable improvements throughout the Americas. Engineers, whose degrees are based on international standards of quality, are critical to provide an essential skilled workforce to compete with Asia, India, and the European Union. By seeking to improve engineering education and apply quality assurance, mobility of both work and workflow can open new doors, drive organic creativity, create jobs and foster economic and social growth.

Creating the Global Engineer Requires:

  • Building capacity
  • Building leadership
  • Embarking on scalable and sustainable efforts
  • Promoting the mobility of professionals and their work in a global context
  • Introducing the culture of quality in education

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