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Address/Dirección: Florida International University
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
c/o ISTEC, Attn: Dulce García
10555 W. Flagler Street
Room#: ECE 3944
Miami, FL 33174
Direct phone line to ISTEC Office: (305) 348-4943
Fax #: (305) 348-3707 (please always use a cover letter since this is a shared departmental fax)
Roberto Murphy, Chairman of the Board
Dulce M. García, President
Ramiro Jordán, Founder
Miriam Lobaina, Finance & Member Liaison
Wilfrido Moreno
ISTEC-R&D Initiative Director
Mónica Luque
ISTEC-ACE Initiative Director
Carlos Callegari
ISTEC-SALUD Initiative Director
Dulce García
Orlando Hernández
QualityCoach™ Program Director

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