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Curriculum reform and paradigm shifts in the formation of engineers! ISTEC-Innovate™ is an umbrella initiative for programs that focus on shifting traditional paradigms in engineering education to address the unique and rapid acceleration of challenges in the XXIst Century. These programs integrate fundamental principles in their platforms, such as transdisciplinarity, complexity science, innovation and social entrepreneurship. If your university or organization is interested in participating in these on-going projects, and/or you would like to submit a new program for consideration, please email us at

Current Programs:

Innovation Plaza

This is a program that integrates enhanced curricula and educational outreach with an open, globally connected, interdisciplinary lab for hands-on experiential learning and interdisciplinary collaboration. Click on the Innovation Plaza link to learn more!


Complex Systems and Education:  SCED encourages joint research projects on XXIst Century education, integrating various areas of scientific and technological knowledge: engineering, nanotechnology, neuroscience, biomedicine, artificial intelligence, etc. These projects focus on a transdisciplinary, ethical and humanistic focus based on a complex systems epistemology.

Student Contests:

The Student Challenge is an international event organized by ISTEC, with the support of SPEED ( The Challenge brings students from across the world with the following objectives:

  • Stimulate the creativity and the scientific talent of engineering students.
  • Build competencies in conducting research and development projects, including business skills. • Motivate students of the Region to put in practice their knowledge toward the solution of practical problems.
  • Facilitate knowledge exchange among students of different academic institutions through sound contests that encourage academic exchanges.
  • Foster the use of social media to encourage collaborative problem-solving and facilitates networking.


Science and Technology Entrepreneurships for Economic Development: The objective of this Program is to combine the Ibero-American science and technology potential with global opportunities in the creation of partnerships with universities, governmental organizations, research parks, suppliers, and venture capitalists, among others.

Also, get a free e-book: Doing Innovation: Creating Economic Value Book 1: Perspectives on Innovation (PDF)