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About the Contest

The Ibero-American Student Contest is an international event organized by ISTEC, which brings students from the Iberian Peninsula and North, Central and South America together in an annual International Contest with the following purposes:

  • Stimulate the creativity andthe scientific talent of engineering students.
  • Build competencies inconducting research and development projects.
  • Motivate students of the Regionto put in practice their knowledge toward the solution of practicalproblems.
  • Facilitate knowledge exchangeamong students of different academic institutions through sound contestsin search of integrating the region via academic exchanges.


2012 More here.

2011 Winners here!



Motivated by the success of the first two events ISTEC, the University of New Mexico (UNM) with the sponsor of Hewlett Packard and Sun Microsystems, had the pleasure to announce the: “III Ibero-American Student Contest: Innovations for the Sustainable Development” Where we invited the presentation of projects in the areas of Control and RoboticsDevelopment of Software and Hardware, as well as applications oriented to solve problems related to Water, Energy and Recycling. In each of these categories a challenge was presented to the students, who were responsible for presenting projects that offered solutions to the proposed problems considering the environmental, social, and economic impacts. The spirit of the contest is that the student has enough liberty to propose practical solutions in an innovative and creative way, based on challenges that intend to high-light the scientific talent and the creative spirit of the Ibero-american students.

2009 Winning Projects

1st Place Wheelchair with Smart Navigation

Pedro Ponce C., Fernando Ramírez F., David Gregory M., Rafael Mendoza, Marco Antonio Ruiz

2nd Place

Prototype to make Biodisel from microalgae, as second generation Biofuels, from four commercial strains.

Cesar Estrada F., Yanaika C. Noguera, Jorge E. López

3rd Place

Kanaan Che, “Tree Selector”, electronic device capable of distinguishing sapwood trees, holes (non commercial) from the healthy (commercial), this in order to make more rational use of forests and woodlands.

Elias Lopez Perez, Charli Cámara G., Azucena C. Gonzalez

Planet NI Award

Increased efficiency of Photovoltaic systems with solar recollection based on Fresnel lenses and implementation in rural areas of Bolivia.

Daniel Serna Revollo, Omar Ormachea


For information on winning projects for the 2008 Student Contest, click here (pdf).


The first version of the Contest took place in Loja, Ecuador June 4th through 8th, 2007 at the Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja (UTPL), where students from diverse parts of the continent joined to present projects on engineering with a focus on sustainable development.