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This is a new interdisciplinary program that incorporates Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) through different ISTEC Initiatives and Programs. The objective of ISTEC SALUD is to create, by means of multidisciplinary cooperative projects, a “Network of networks” in research, technology development, training and social action and assistance, with the final goal of improving health and environment. This approach will promote the well-being and raise the quality of life in the Ibero-American region, respecting the ethical, historical and cultural values of individuals and their respective communities.



Dear friends and colleagues, On behalf of the Organising Committee, it is a pleasure to welcome you to the city of Malaga, which this year hosts the I Meeting of Scientific, Medical and Technological Publications and Societies, CIMETEC 07. This Meeting is intended to be a basis for continuity and we trust that it will be the first of many others in years to come. The event will take place from the 13th to 15th September in the MS Maestranza Hotel, whose installations and facilities are perfect for a meeting of this size. We would like you to know the considerable effort being made and the enthusiasm with which we are working so that the smallest details are treated with utmost care and attention. This Meeting will be instrumental in sharing our experiences and professional concerns, and from it we will have the opportunity to open a window on new horizons, making CIMETEC 07 a meeting point for old and, of course, new friends alike. The Organising Committee is at your disposal for any questions related to the I Meeting of Scientific, Medical and Technological Publications and Societies. Kind regards and many thanks for your participation. Carlos Cesare Callegari V. ISTEC – Director HEALTH

General Assembly

The ISTEC General Assembly (GA) is an annual event taking place yearly by a different member institution. The general objectives of the GA and its associated events are to create and maintain agreements and alliances among participants from the Iberoamerican region in order to assess new science and technology trends and exchange competitive, collaborative international experiences.