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About Us

A new interdisciplinary program that incorporates Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) through different ISTEC Initiatives and Programs. The objective of ISTEC SALUD is to create, by means of multidisciplinary cooperative projects, a “Network of Networks” in research, technology development, training, social action and assistance, with the goal of improving health and the environment. This approach will promote well-being and quality of life in the Ibero-American region, preserving the ethical, historical and cultural values of individuals and their respective communities.


To consolidate, an Ibero-American “Network of Networks” for research, training, technology development and applications, and health services, between ISTEC and its strategic public and private alliances. These activities will be based on the incorporation of new technologies, with the aim of improving health of individuals and communities, especially those more underprivileged and excluded.


To incorporate, through ISTEC members, the Ibero-American population into health promotion, prevention, attention and rehabilitation services with modern, accessible, timely, effective and efficient quality healthcare, by means of cooperation, accreditation, integration and education of human talent, and the development and pertinent utilization of new technologies in health practices, in order to improve people’s life quality and expectancy, specially of those underprivileged and excluded.