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In concurrence with the R&D Initiative, we invent, design, develop, test and implement technological innovation, introducing sustainable and efficient solutions to health problems affecting the variety of communities in the Ibero-American region.

In conjunction with the LIBLINK Initiative, we promote the establishment and implementation of a collaborative academic network platform, to facilitate up-to-date and quality information on health, in real time and low cost, thus contributing to the democratization of a knowledge-based society.

Through established “networks of networks” and in conjunction with the ACE (Educación Continua Avanzada), we use ICTs advances in the areas of education, instruction and training, toward the development of a high quality and competitive human talent in health sciences.

In accordance with Los Libertadores Initiative, we promote the development of Centers of Excellence that incorporate technological advances of ICTs into the Health Sciences.

In line with SEED (Science and Technology Entrepreneurship for Economic Development), we facilitate among ISTEC members the development of new ideas, intellectual property and training of entrepreneurs in the health sector.

In conjunction with GRANA (Generation of Resources for Accreditation of Nations of America), ISTEC SALUD establishes criteria and procedures for accreditation, evaluation and certification, facilitating the mobility of health professionals in the region, or the accreditation for virtual assistance to populations in remote communities via @health or telemedicine.

In close cooperation with ICTSD (Information and Communication Technologies for Social Development), ISTEC develops projects and joint strategies to improve the quality of life in underserved indigenous and native communities, while respecting their traditions, languages and cultures.