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objetivo01 Creating an international, accredited, shared, interdisciplinary, interactive and interinstitutional network of collaborators that will provide a stimulating platform and synergy to attract, train and energize participants from the medical field. Establishing support areas in research and development, as well as implementing ICTs, telehealth and telemedicine in a broad spectrum of programs to promote interdisciplinary solutions to common regional health problems, while respecting the values and cultural sovereignty of local and indigenous communities.

objetivo02Integrating engineers and other experts from technological areas with medical doctors and other health professionals in order to create an international accredited interdisciplinary and interinstitutional critical mass for the sharing of topics on research/knowledge, developments, entrepreneurship, and for the improvement of local conditions within an all-inclusive human context that is becoming increasingly more technological and global.

objetivo03Incorporating new technologies into the knowledge pool of what is considered as traditional, alternative or complementary medicine, that is part of the cultural diversity in the field of “health” within Ibero-American communities, especially in native communities. The goal is to validate, disseminate, enrich and share positive experiences, as well as to establish risks and adverse effects for its generalized usage.

objetivo04Developing norms and standards (approved and supported by ISTEC-SALUD) that regulate ethical and legal aspects related to the incorporation of new technologies in the field of health, telehealth and telemedicine.

objetivo05Identifying and sharing funding sources among ISTEC members, and supporting each other in the development of relationships with such sources for the creation of specific projects.