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June 2011 ISTEC Newsletter

ISTEC Newsletter
Volume 5, Issue 2

June 2011  

Dear Friend of ISTEC,

In this edition of the newsletter, we want to share with you the highlights of the recent ISTEC General Assembly, held in Porto Alegre, Brazil from May 16th-20th.


Liblink Libraries Initiative

The Liblink Initiative meeting was conducted within the excellent framework of the Sixth International Symposium on Digital Libraries, held during the ISTEC General Assembly. Following the scheduled symposium presentations, the meeting culminated in a draft document that identified the themes central to the initiative for the period 2011 – 2012.  


Representatives of various institutions present at the meeting signed the plan (copy below). The 2011-2012 plan includes, among others: (1) the release of a new version of Celsius; (2) an analysis of the current ISTEC meta-searching tool in contrast to other commercial products, (3) and the implementation of an action plan to create a repository of digital content, taking into account materials of other similar repositories in member institutions. Any institution interested in joining any of the topics of the plan is welcome, and may contact Dr. Marisa De Giusti, Liblink Director, to join the proposal at:   

The Initiative presented its results for the year at the ISTEC General Assembly, highlighting the following projects: Metasearch; Celsius and Reflink (currently being updated/rolled-up); data on the number of documents exchanged in 2010; and a comparative cost analysis of Liblink services versus other paid services in the industry.


Dr. Marisa De Giusti participated in the closing ceremony of the VI Digital Libraries Symposium, with a brief speech that identified the links between Symposium VI and the ISTEC Liblink initiative. For more information on Liblink, please visit


Liblink Action Plan 2011-2012 (spanish)  

ACE (Advanced Continuing Education) Initiative
Monica Luque
We are delighted to announce the addition of Dr. Monica Luque as Director of the ACE Initiative. Dr. Luque is a specialist in higher education issues, design, management and evaluation of programs and projects aimed at innovation and improving the quality of education Monica’s CV (Spanish)      

During the XVIII ISTEC GA, several papers and panels contributed to the ACE initiative, including:    · A videoconference  · Five individual live presentations  · Four panels of three members each

Three lines of work emerged during the discussions, on which specific activities could be initiated in the short term:   

  1. ISTEC-MEDIA Project    
  2. ISTEC-QUALITY, represented by the Quality Certification Program ISTEC-GRANA ™ , which promotes a culture of quality and continuous improvement in (engineering) education  
  3. ISTEC Program for training / professional development in use of innovative technologies and platforms in education
    ACE Plan 2011-2012 (detailed plan that includes a proposal of the ISTEC-MEDIA project, in Spanish) 


MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Project ISTEC-MEDIA announces a workshop on 28 and December 29, 2011: “Audiovisual Content Online as a Resource for Teaching Science and Technology” (in Montevideo or Buenos Aires: the site will be announced soon).   

Cost: $ 200 for ISTEC members, $ 500 for non-members


R&D Initiative
The ISTEC research and development (R & D) ISTEC Initiative aims to promote joint research projects internationally in the areas of Nanotechnology, Education, Complex Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Biomedicine, Computing and Digital Signal Processing, among others.

During the XVIII ISTEC General Assembly, a new research group -Complex Systems and Education SCED (tentative name)- was created. Presentation SCED (Spanish)

Read the following report for a full version of the R&D highlights during the General Assembly:  R&D Activity Report (english)


Leadership Council
The theme of this year’s General Assembly (GA) was “Innovation in International Collaboration: Energy, Sustainability and Global Digital Information.” This ISTEC GA is a well known, prestigious event that brings together leaders from academia, industry, and multilateral and government agencies in the Iberoamerican region.

An important forum within the GA is the Leadership Council, a group created to develop recommendations on STEM education, R & D, and entrepreneurship for socially responsible, sustainable socio-economic development in a global context. This Advisory Group is composed of university presidents, deans, department heads/chairs, industry leaders and representatives of government agencies and multilateral organizations, who provide guidance and support to ISTEC and other interested organizations.

The recommendations of the Leadership Council are subsequently submitted to the Engineerin for the Americas (EFTA) Initiative, organized by the Organization of American States and other sister organizations working for education.
See the following activity report: LC May 2011 (english)

PUCRS Students and DulceThis year several engineering students from PUCRS were invited to participate in the Leadership Council. The students delivered a presentation during the event under the leadership of Cláudio Silva de Freitas, Internal Affairs Officer of the global student organization, SPEED.
 Student Report (english, portuguese)


ISTEC is a non-profit organization that fosters sustainable socio-economic development in Ibero-America through a network that promotes trust and integration between academia, government, industry and society. ISTEC also strives to strengthen social responsibility as a common shared value in the region. Learn more

Student Contribution
Fusion of Art & Science Espacio-Tiempo

William Yezid Agudelo Torres, engineering student at Universidad Distrital, Colombia, has sent us a very original proposal on the application of art in science education. Congratulations to William for this unique and transdisciplinary work!

Do not miss this interesting presentation!  


Brief presentation of art work (spanish) 


Featured Event

International Conference on Developmental, Translational and Clinical Pharmacogenomics


September 22-24

University of South FLorida: Patel Center for

Global Solutions


 Conference Flyer  




USF Health   

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