General information

The ACE Initiative – (Advanced Continuing Education) aims to provide educational paths for training, updating, training and / or specialization, for the entire community of users and providers of educational services in Latin America, linking the professional and institutional capacities of each country.

From ACE-ISTEC we understand that our mission is to serve as an instrument of continuous training throughout all stages of life, especially with the continuous growth of the technological tools available today for teaching-learning. In this way, we provide support and strategic alliances for the development of educational projects for training, updating, training and / or specialization. This includes both undergraduate and postgraduate training as well as non-formal or continuing education, sometimes also recognized as a university extension, however, the continued acceleration of Technology has focused on collaborating with programs that use Distance Education in their different formats such as E-Learning, Blended Learning to Mobile Learning. In this training class, two or more higher education institutions may be involved at the same time, thus achieving integrated programs in which it is feasible to develop complex skills; shared titles; bi-titration; development of research, internship or laboratory paths in other universities; internationalization; stays abroad; Among other options.

In 2018, our initiative is launching the EDUCAME 2045 Program. “TeachMe 2045”, with the objective of working with academic institutions in the creation of Engineering Laboratories with a multidisciplinary vision, where the components (Students, Teachers and Professionals) generate ideas, innovation and development for the communities that surround them. Spreading like this, an ideology and philosophy of “Human Enhancement” based on the theory of “Transhumanism”, with preparation for the learning needs of the future.


Director of the Initiative: Dr. Marcelo Vera Bacarreza

Dr. Marcelo Vera Bacarreza, currently serves as members of the Executive Directors Committee of ISTEC, (Ibero-American Consortium for Science and Technology Education), as he also assumes the role of Director of the ACE Initiative, until recently he has served as Vice-President of the Public Security company MobileTec International based in the city of Tampa, Florida in the United States of America, being in charge of managing Public Security technologies in countries such as Costa Rica, Colombia , Bolivia, Honduras, and Panama within the scope of “Smart Cities” or Smart Cities.

He has completed his studies in the United States of America, graduating from the University of South Florida, where he has obtained undergraduate degrees in Computational Engineering, and in Journalism and Social Communication, Masters in Curriculum Design for Higher Education, as well as another in Latin American Studies, and the maximum degree of Doctor of Engineering.

He has an extensive academic career of more than 28 years, having served as Senior Professor at the University of South Florida in the United States, as well as Professor and Researcher at La Salle University in La Paz, Bolivia. Through the years, he has been invited to teach courses at universities in Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Panama, Peru and England.

Among his professional specialties associated with new technologies, he has been the creator and forerunner of Distance Education in universities and social organizations in the United States and some Latin American countries, which made him the Maximum Prize of: “Best Optional in Education to Distance in the United States ”, granted by the Association of Distance Education of the United States in 2002. He has been awarded the title of“ Doctor Honoris Causa ”and several other international awards in the Latin American region for which he has developed Academic programs.

Creditor of many other international awards, Dr. Vera has been the founder of the CEED (Center for Distance Education Studies), and the Institute of Scientific Research and Innovation of the University La Salle – Bolivia through the Foundation “Sun and Moon ”Of which he was its president and CEO. Author of articles, criticisms and scientific comments in several academic publications.

In recent years, he has been focused on the social development of Automated Public Security, educating and publicizing new technologies on the subject, he has toured several countries in Latin America and Europe giving lectures, seminars and workshops on the New Technologies that impact in societies and mainly education, their experiences have been passed to the student youth of higher grades in order to promote social and cultural development to new technological paradigms.

Dr. Vera is currently residing between Bolivia and the USA and is working with La Salle University, from where he conducts his teaching-learning scientific research, in addition to creating teacher training programs for the effective use of new technologies in higher education. . His enthusiasm and experience in the international academy, especially in the use of technologies in education, is passed on to his students, hoping to create direct objectives for the improvement of education systems in Bolivia.