ISTEC Educational Portal

The Educational Portal of the Ibero-American Consortium for Education in Science and Technology – ISTEC emerged as an initiative of the ACE (Advanced Continuing Education) program in 2013, with the purpose of generating a space for working with and for the entire community of the Iberoamerican Region The basic idea is to respond to the challenges posed by new information and communication technologies in higher education and also offer training opportunities to those who need continuing education.

Contribution made by the ISTEC Educational Portal:

  • It fosters network development by creating a regional community of users and providers of educational services in the Hemisphere, linking the professional, economic and institutional capacities of each country.
  • It promotes the development of activities and academic projects and professional updating within the framework of a scholarship, financial aid and training program. These actions will be carried out through strategic alliances with university institutions, state agencies or from the private sector in order to carry out activities to an increasing number of beneficiaries. Another component oriented to constitute a true virtual community is to enable electronic residency services (hosting) within the Educational Portal to support networks of academic excellence of limited or national coverage so that they can enhance their inter-American projection.
  • It is considered as a virtual community of continuous training and is constituted by a work team that has a centralized and a decentralized academic direction, composed of the academic body of tutors through which the training needs of the students are met. The decision-making process falls within the framework of the objectives and priorities established in the 2012-2015 ISTEC Strategic Plan. Based on its vision, the ISTEC Educational Portal intends to lead the processes of inclusion of new technologies in education, continuous training, research and innovation.
  • This leadership implies the development of the following actions: to promote the access of teachers, students, professionals, administrators and the general public to the use of new information and communication technologies applied to education, through training oriented towards new teaching methods, by support for the development of networks and the strengthening, in a sustained manner, of the centers for the exchange and dissemination of information, in order to reduce the dividing line of knowledge and the technological gap between and within the societies of the Hemisphere.


The target populations that have been identified as direct beneficiaries of the ISTEC Educational Portal services are, among others, the following:

  • Professionals seeking academic and professional updating.
  • Teachers who want to innovate in their teaching practices incorporating ICTs.
  • Students and Teachers interested in being part of mixed, inter-institutional programs.
  • Researchers
  • People who wish to inquire about the possibilities available and institutions that offer online courses and programs of interest.
  • Professionals or technicians who need to quickly acquire technical skills and access technical training to advance their careers.
  • Corporate users, that is, people who have professional training and aspire to improve their skills in an area of specialization in their work specialty or companies or corporations that seek to provide these opportunities to their employees.
  • Educators constitute a specific area that is both varied and diversified. Such is the case of teachers of basic, intermediate and secondary levels who need to update their knowledge and improve their pedagogical skills or teachers who integrate academic communities of higher education and university level who have advanced diplomas and need to diversify their knowledge or complement and reinforce areas of specialization.
  • Active adult population that wishes to enrich their personal growth through lifelong education.