Why participate?

It is important to consider that the work in Network and within a Network – as ISTEC is – can enhance in the institutions the development of resources and dimensions that collaborate with the updating of study programs and even with the creation and design of new training proposals .

The latest changes introduced by ICTs have generated, in turn, a new social scenario, much more competitive and of increasing interdependence, in which the importance of giving effect to the paradigm of inter-institutional collaboration is recognized.

In this context, ISTEC intends to collaborate between the various institutions to:

  • -Promote academic programs in cooperation
  • -Generate a common space for the formation of communities and academic networks aimed at creating and innovating in curricular matters for undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing professional training
  • -Interact and collaborate in the creation of academic programs with double degrees
  • -Enable electronic residency services (hosting) within the Educational Portal to support networks of academic excellence of limited or national coverage so that they can enhance their inter-American projection