The Ibero-American Science and Technology Education Consortium  (ISTEC) is a non-profit organization composed of educational, research, industrial and multilateral organizations, from the Americas and the Iberian Peninsula.


  • To promote scientific, technological and engineering education, joining in international research and development efforts, conjointly with it’s members.
  • To provide a profitable vehicle for the application and transfer of technology to the region, identifying the needs to achieve the technological advancement of Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula.


These challenges are fulfilled through four initiatives promoted by the Consortium.

  • LIBLINK: Dedicated to the management of academic and scientific information, involving not only the location and provision of bibliographic resources, but also showing in value the institutional production and its visibility.
  • RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT (R&D): Has the purpose of supporting the processes of education and cutting-edge research in Science, Technology and Innovation.
  • ACE – (Advanced Continuing Education): Has the objective of providing educational paths for learning, updating, training and / or specialization, linking the professional and institutional capacities of each country.
  • THE LIBERTADORES: Seeks the creation and collaboration of interconnected “inter/multi/transdisciplinary centers of excellence”, to solve the great challenges that are no longer national and regional, but global.


The four initiatives are developed under the following premisses:

  • They propose an organized effort to create activities that address specific areas of concern.
  • Driven by ISTEC members, they are flexible and simultaneously executed.
  • Within the Initiatives, the projects are identified, planned and implemented.
  • The projects are designed with short and long term objectives, taking into account their social impact.


Currently, with 29 years of experience, ISTEC is composed of:

– Academic members: More than 80 research and higher education institutions from 15 countries in the Americas and the Iberian Peninsula.

– Industry members: Cutting-edge technology companies with a global presence.


Vision: ISTEC is an academic organization dedicated to improving the quality of life in society on an Ibero-American scope that is currently in expansion. .


Mission: To promote sustainable socio-economic development through the implementation of programs focused on:

  • Fomenting the quality of education and promoting a culture of quality.
  • Generating and disseminating knowledge and information.
  • Establishing profitable vehicles for technology transfer.
  • Promoting joint international research and development.
  • Creating a propitious environment for entrepreneurship.

The mission of ISTEC is achieved through the encouragement of a network that promotes trust, cooperation and integration between academia, government, industry and society, strengthening social responsibility as a common value to share in the region.


ISTEC Brochures

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