ISTEC will be a leading force in fostering socio-economic and educational change in Ibero-America, by creating prosperity and improving the quality of life in the region.


ISTEC’s mission is to foster sustainable socio-economic development in Ibero-America by carrying out programs focused on:

  • Advancing the state of higher education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)
  • Generating and disseminating knowledge and information,
  • Establishing cost-effective vehicles for technology transfer,
  • Encouraging joint international research and development,
  • Fostering an environment for entrepreneurship and collaboration,
  • Promoting leadership models that adhere to the principles of responsibility and accountability.


The mission will be achieved by nurturing a network that promotes trust and integration between academia, government, industry and society. ISTEC also strives to strengthen social responsibility as a common shared value in the region.

ISTEC Brochures

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ISTEC members are encouraged to participate in the free flow of information for the pursuit of technical excellence. By coordinating eminent personnel and resources from diverse geographical locations, ISTEC has developed a series of member-driven Initiatives: organized efforts that create activities to address specific areas of research, social, pedagogical, informational, and technological impact.

Within each Initiative, projects are identified, planned, and implemented among members of the Istec network. Because they respond to the needs of our members and their communities, projects are dynamic and expandable, encouraging the creation of collaborative and highly coordinated networks that maximize the utilization of available resources.





ISTEC Accomplishments