ISTEC Initiatives

“In each of these broad realms of human concern — sustainability, health, vulnerability, and joy of living — specific grand challenges await engineering solutions. The world’s cadre of engineers will seek ways to put knowledge into practice to meet these grand challenges. Applying the rules of reason, the findings of science, the aesthetics of art, and the spark of creative imagination, engineers will continue the tradition of forging a better future.”

– Quote from Grand Engineering Challenges


ISTEC initiatives and programs are intended as a response to issues identified as Grand Engineering Challenges in the XXIst century. Our strategic focus areas are:


These initiatives are set up to manage independent projects, based on Consortium member needs, but also to work synergistically with each other in the creation of interconnected knowledge communities driven by the principles of:


Sustainability Quality of Life Transdisciplinarity Complexity Science

ISTEC members are encouraged to participate in the free flow of information for the pursuit of technical excellence. By coordinating eminent personnel and resources from diverse geographical locations, ISTEC has developed a series of member-driven Initiatives: organized efforts that create activities to address specific areas of research, social, pedagogical, informational, and technological impact. Within each Initiative, projects are identified, planned, and implemented among members of the ISTEC network. Because they respond to the needs of our members and their communities, projects are dynamic and expandable, encouraging the creation of collaborative and highly coordinated networks that maximize the utilization of available resources.