Mission and Vision

Currently, with 29 years of experience, ISTEC is composed of:

  • Academic members: More than 80 research and higher education institutions from 15 countries in the Americas and the Iberian Peninsula.
  •  Industry members: Cutting-edge technology companies with a global presence.


Vision: ISTEC is an academic organization dedicated to improving the quality of life in society on an Ibero-American scope that is currently in expansion. .

Mission: To promote sustainable socio-economic development through the implementation of programs focused on:

  • Fomenting the quality of education and promoting a culture of quality.
  • Generating and disseminating knowledge and information.
  • Establishing profitable vehicles for technology transfer.
  • Promoting joint international research and development.
  • Creating a propitious environment for entrepreneurship.

The mission of ISTEC is achieved through the encouragement of a network that promotes trust, cooperation and integration between academia, government, industry and society, strengthening social responsibility as a common value to share in the region.