Transparency ranking of open access repositories: SEDICI ranks 1st in Argentina and 7th in Latin America

The institutional repository of the Universidad Nacional de la Plata (UNLP, Argentina), SEDICI, ranks on top in Argentina and seventh in Latin America, according to the new transparency ranking of open access repositories based on Google Scholar, published in October 2018 and developed by the Cybermetrics Laboratory of Spain.

At a global level, among 3.172 repositories analyzed, SEDICI stands in the 52nd position.

At the time of the ranking development, SEDICI had 44,000 files indexed by Google Scholar, but currently has 46,800 files in the Google search engine focused and specialized in content and scientific-academic literature.

SEDICI offers more than 67,800 files between undergraduate and postgraduate theses, books, scientific articles and other educational resources, and is part of the ISTEC LibLink project.

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