Services and Projects

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Metasearch ISTEC

The ISTEC Metasearch engine unifies searches in the initiative catalogs and public collections of resources available under Open Access policies. It is a free service, aimed to facilitating and speeding up access to information on documentary resources through simultaneous and distributed searches on online catalogs.



The Celsius® software, created in PrEBi-UNLP, allows the management of requests for user documentation to the reference services of the different ISTEC universities. It has been taked by the consortium as the standard platform for the LibLink initiative and is currently installed in 11 countries in the Americas, with 40 functional instances in constant progress and diffusion. The advantages of its use are considerable:

– registration of the data by the user in a personalized site

– standardization of requests by operators

– registration of the different changes in the order management

– tracking the evolution of an online order

– delivery of the requested material

– access to a large number of statistics that are automatically generated together with different exchange management indicators.

It is possible to access the latest version from the following address: For details of its use, you can consult at



The OPAC aims to support the dissemination of scientific and academic production of consortium members through harvests of resources published under Open Access policies and their exposure through a public search portal. This tool is capable of understanding different cataloging formats, of extracting the information that it considers relevant for its management and exposure, and of normalizing the information of the resources collected for storage in a centralized repository. From here you can access more than 300 thousand academic resources, magazine articles, graduate and postgraduate thesis, books and many other types of documents of great academic and scientific value, all of them available under Open Access policies.