Virtual Office of Institutional Relations of ISTEC

The Virtual Office of Institutional Relations of ISTEC aims to facilitate communication between ISTEC partners as well as the dissemination of the different benefits, activities and opportunities provided by the consortium through its different initiatives. It is also an open channel for consultation and reception of concerns and needs of partners, both universities and companies.

Among the main activities of the office are the following:

  • Continuous training of members regarding the operation of the ISTEC consortium, resources, benefits and opportunities.
  • Collaboration in the search and location of projects and opportunities within the consortium.
  • Collaboration in the search and location of new actors and people committed to the consortium projects within the institutions.
  • Constant assistance to ISTEC partners with relevant information on the initiatives, forms of participation and potential projects and activities within the consortium.
  • Maintaining an updated list of ISTEC partners to know and facilitate contact between consortium member institutions.
  • Promotion of the consortium in social networks in order to form a virtual community of active users.
  • Supporting member institutions to share their projects, events, lines of research, achievements, etc. and socialize all this information.



Marisa R. De Giusti



Carlos J. Nusch


Work team:

  • Nicolas Hellers
  • Lucas Folegotto
  • Rafael Carlón
  • Enzo Golfetto


Informatic support:

  • María M. Vila
  • Gonzalo L. Villarreal