Welcome to LibLink

The LIBLINK initiative is dedicated to managing academic and scientific information: not only for bibliographic exchange but also to improve the visibility and impact of institutional production.

To achieve these ambitious objectives, the initiative encourages the use of open source technologies, supports the Open Access movement and shares its own developments with all partners -research librarian support, document exchange software, statistics tools, harvesting tools for open access to scientific and academic resources. All this information is available for members to manage in their own usual workspace.

Director of the Initiative: PhD. Marisa Raquel De Giusti

Marisa started her work at ISTEC with the foundation of the consortium in 1990, representing the Universidad Nacional de La Plata and is currently part of the Board of Directors of ISTEC. PhD De Giusti has been leading the LIBLINK Initiative since 2009.

She has a PhD in Computer Science, as well as a Telecommunications Engineer degree and a Professor of Literature degree from Universidad Nacional de La Plata (UNLP), Argentina.

Celsius 3

Celsius is a tool for libraries developed by the PREBISEDICI team at the Universidad Nacional de La Plata. This tool allows librarians and users to manage bibliographic requests, to communicate and exchange bibliographic resources among institutions and to obtain real-time statistics about the operation of the service in the LibLink network.

Since Celsius 3.0 version, this institutional network has been moved from a distributed network to a centralized and shared infrastructure. This new paradigm allows a faster and easier creation of Celsius instances, with a more efficient resource management, ensuring a continuous update of all existing instances. Standard software services are also provided, such as server updates, monitoring, automatic backups and support for institutional administrators.

More information: https://www.istec.org/liblink/project/celsius-3/


We are working on the development of a new harvester for open access resources. This project will contribute to foster the visibility and impact of Open Access publications from ISTEC members.

More information: https://www.istec.org/liblink/project/harvester/

ISTEC Institutional Relations Virtual Office

ISTEC Institutional Relations Virtual Office was launched to encourage communication among ISTEC partners, and to improve the dissemination of activities and opportunities that the consortium provides through its different initiatives. It is also an open channel for requests and reception of concerns and needs of ISTEC’s members (universities and companies).

More information: https://www.istec.org/liblink/project/oficina-virtual-de-relaciones-institucionales-de-istec/

Editorial management, quality and visibility of scientific journals

The Integral Training System for Editorial Teams is a platform that offers training for the different roles and stages of scientific journals management: generation, consolidation and expansion phases.

More information: https://www.istec.org/liblink/project/gestion-editorial-calidad-y-visibilidad-de-revistas-cientificas/

Academic Excellence Improvement and International Rankings

The Academic Excellence Improvement and International Positioning program offers advice for institutions in order to improve their global image:

  • Identification of the main current rankings, their scope and objectives
  • Analysis of metrics used in each case, data sources and techniques for data processing.
  • Actions to improve quality indicators: involvement of different institutional parties, definition of roles and responsibilities, generation of concrete activities.

More information: https://www.istec.org/liblink/project/mejora-de-la-excelencia-academica-y-posicionamiento-internacional/