Los Libertadores

This initiative was inspired by the work of Los Libertadores that changed history in the region. His vision was to integrate Latin America. Therefore, the initiative aims to create and collaborate with “inter / multi / transdisciplinary centers of excellence” and interconnected, to solve the great challenges that are no longer only national and regional, but global. It also aims to strengthen horizontal collaboration between countries.

It is the common thread that links all initiatives, goals and objectives of ISTEC. Since its creation it has been intended to create a flexible network of services (e-services) for education, knowledge exchange, research, development, innovation, services in entrepreneurship (social, business), as well as ICTs for social, cultural, political and economic development of Latin America. Internationalization has been promoted since its inception, which lately has become very important in the academic world, NGOs, business sector, multilateral agencies, governments and individuals.

Los Libertadores initiative proposes to share global experiences, facilitate and solve distributed problems, and create the critical masses necessary for the development of international projects. It is intended to change the digital gap into opportunities, “acting locally but thinking globally.” We can say that this initiative is the incubator of ideas for ISTEC and the mechanism of bringing an idea to the market.

The figure shows all essential components that are needed to create the ecosystem intended:


initiative Director: Dr. Ramiro Jordan

Business Headshots - Ramiro JordanDr. Ramiro Jordan is a scientist, innovator, educator and entrepreneur. He is a faculty member of the Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) department at the University of New Mexico, and is currently the Associate Dean of Engineering for International Programs. His research activities include sustainability, Smart Grid, cognitive radio, multi-dimensional signal processing, and software development. He is a dedicated educator, actively creating educational infrastructure in academic institutions worldwide with emphasis on the “culture of quality” in educational programs for accreditation and certification. He is driving innovative curricula development programs such as Peace Engineering, is establishing International Graduate Double Degree programs and is creating opportunities for student engagement and leadership development. He was actively involved with the University Faculty Senate and served on the Operational Committee that, with the Faculty President, ensures shared governance of the University. Dr. Jordan holds a faculty position at the Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina, and has served as visiting and resident professor at universities in Brazil, Costa Rica, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Spain, and Venezuela, among others.

Dr. Jordan is a founder of the Ibero-American Science and Technology Education Consortium (ISTEC), a successful non-profit organization that was created in 1990 with the mission to accelerate STEM education, R&D and entrepreneurship in Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula. ISTEC is comprised of over 100 educational, research, industrial, and multilateral organizations throughout the Americas and Iberia, and is now reaching into the global arena.

Dr. Jordan is a recognized leader in his field and serves on the Board of Directors of several industrial and professional organizations. He served as Vice President for the Americas Region and is currently in the Executive Committee of the International Federation of Engineering Education Societies. He is on the Board of the Engineering for the Americas Initiative, an initiative hosted by the Organization of American States involving all Heads of State in the Americas Region.  He is advisor to the International Conference in Engineering Education (ICEE) and advisor to the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Latin America Region. He served as a member of the National Academy of Sciences of Bolivia, as special consultant to the Latin American ambassadors to the United Nations in the area of Science and Technology, and is advisor to several governments and multilateral organizations (OAS, IIDB). He has been involved in the creation and enhancement of over 12 international Technology Parks and has fostered entrepreneurial activities worldwide. He was the Executive Vice-president and Chief Development Officer for Gridline Communications Holdings, Inc. a startup company.

An active member of scientific and professional societies including ASEE and IEEE, Dr. Jordan has published extensively in books, journals, magazines and on the Web. He serves on the editorial board of Computers and Software Engineering, is editor of Journal of Computer Science and Technology, and is editor and advisor to The Ibero American Journal on Technology in Education and Education in Technology. In addition to conference presentations, he has given over 80 invited Keynote presentations. He has received many national and international Honors and Awards including two Silver Quilt Awards, Motorola; International Excellence Award, University of New Mexico; Growing with Technology Award, Cisco Systems; Professional Progress Award, Kansas State University; Award for Contributions in Higher Education and Science and Technology, Organization of American States; Achievement Award for Innovations and Accomplishments in Multilingual IT Infrastructure in Engineering Education, iNEER-ICEE; and Award for Meritorious Work in Engineering and Computer Education, International Conference on Engineering and Computer Education. He is bestowed with the Order of Rio Branco, in the rank of Officer, by the Brazilian Government.

Dr. Jordan obtained his MS and Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Kansas State University in 1984 and 1987 respectively, and the degree of Telecommunications Engineer at the Universidad Nacional de La Plata in 1981.