Networks & Projects

During the XVIII ISTEC General Assembly in 2011, held in Porto Alegre, Brazil, the research group for Complex Systems and Education (SCED) was created under the initiative of Research and Development (R & D). ISTEC-SCED aims to promote cooperation projects in research and education from the perspective of complex adaptive systems through based on the needs of member activities.

Education and teaching processes must have an epistemological foundation commensurate with the complexity of reality and the development of science and technology. Within this framework is considered the emerging paradigm of complex adaptive systems, the axis of which research should be performed trans, multi and interdisciplinarily, allowing the creation of the knowledge required to meet the educational challenges of the XXI century.

SCED’s mission is to promote and lead joint research projects, teaching and service in Ibero-America in order to scientifically substantiate 21ts century education, integrating the different areas of Humanities and Social Sciences with the different areas of scientific and technological knowledge such as engineering, nanotechnology, neuroscience, biomedicine, the bio-inspired computing, artificial life simulation, among others, through a trans-disciplinary, ethical and humanistic approach epistemologically based on the paradigm of complex systems.

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