Research and Development – R&D

With the foundation of ISTEC in 1990, the Initiative for Research & Development (R&D) was created in order to support the processes of education and cutting-edge research in Science, Technology and Innovation. For over 25 years, the R & D initiative, cooperatively working with its members, academia, industry and international agencies, has contributed to the formation of more than one million academicians: students, faculty, and researchers. Supported by the industry, they have installed more than 250 laboratories in areas such as microprocessors, Digital Signal Processing, programmable logic (FPGAs), Wireless Sensor Networks, Nanotechnology, Optoelectronics, Embedded Systems, Instrumentation & Control, Robotics and Medical simulators among others. In addition, the initiative has facilitated academic mobility of students and teachers worldwide.

Recognizing the geographical, cultural, social and economic diversity of the region, the R & D initiative of ISTEC empowers members to develop their processes of education, research and extension through the transfer of Science and Technology and interdisciplinary efforts with social impact.

Promoting and supporting the generation, transfer and management of knowledge in the processes of education and research in science and technology supported by the integration of soft and hard technologies in order to optimize the impact of education, research and innovation to address needs and challenges of the XXI century

Trust, Respect, Teamwork, Leadership, Transparency, Responsibility, Professionalism.

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